Why do my knees hurt when I run?


  By Brooke MacGillavery, MPT, BSc, CAFCI, CSCS

Ever wonder why your knees hurt when you run? Or why you can’t quite achieve a perfect lotus position in yoga?

As a physiotherapist, I will assess your posture and overall mechanics to determine what can be done to eliminate pain and improve your daily life.  Pain and loss of function can develop from a trauma, or something as simple as repetitive postures like sitting at a desk all day.
My goal as a physiotherapist is to help people realize their full physical potential – whether it be training for a marathon, perfecting squat technique, or simply having pain-free neck range of motion.
As a physiotherapist at Qi, I feel my tools are all the more useful when paired with other services such as Pilates for core strengthening, or massage to decrease muscle tension and increase flexibility or range of motion. To start the new-year off right, ask yourself if you have any goals you’re having difficulty achieving due to physical limitations or pain; physiotherapy can help!

The bridge is an excellent exercise to start with:

  • With a neutral pelvis, bend knees

  • Feel the feet, arms and shoulders firm on the floor

  • lift hips and hold

  • Focus your breath into your low abdomen

  • Keep thighs engaged

  • Knees in line with your ankle and large to

  • Hold for 30 seconds

Perform 3 sets ensuring no back or knee pain.

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