Vancouver Acupuncture Treatments for PAIN

Qi Integrated Health clinic in Kitsilano Vancouver is known for utilizing acupuncture to treat both acute and chronic pain. The following is the treatment summary for one of our patients who experienced pain relief through her acupuncture treatments:

“Recently, a patient came into our clinic with “frozen shoulder” (inability to lift the shoulder past 15 degrees). The patient was experiencing a consistent high level of pain that made day-to-day activities very uncomfortable. After a comprehensive intake, a treatment protocol of acupuncture and e-stim combined with cupping was indicated. Upon completion of 3 treatments in a 10-day period the patient had regained full range of motion in their shoulder. The patient has not experienced any reoccurring symptoms since undergoing our HEAL process of treatment.”

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Using Acupuncture to Treat Pain – H.E.A.L. Process

We treat PAIN! You can be assured that when you receive your acupuncture treatments at Qi Integrated Health that you will receive the best treatment possible. All of our practitioners are highly qualified and are registered professionals in BC. Our acupuncturists are Registered Acupuncturists governed by the CTCMA. A portion of our treatments are covered by MSP and extended health plans if you are eligible.


Our Acupuncture healing process comprises 4 stages: H.E.A.L.

Help The help stage is defined when the patient is unable to go more than 3 days without pain, despite undergoing any current treatment such as oral pain medication, massage, physiotherapy, etc.

Following intake, assessment and diagnosis, the typical treatment protocol is 3 acupuncture treatments over a period of 10 days. This allows us to determine how your acute or chronic pain symptoms respond to acupuncture treatment. The addition of treatment tools such as cupping, e-stim, or topical herbal medication may also be incorporated into the treatment.

Once the patient is able to go 3 or more days without pain we can move onto the next stage of the H.E.A.L. process.

Educate – The second stage of H.E.A.L. involves educating the patient to supplement their healing process with the reintroduction of exercise. We introduce proper exercise and stretching techniques that work with their therapeutic treatment to facilitate a more rapid recovery process. With stretching we target the muscle groups that have been guarding or bracing the site of injury/weakness and work to release those muscles. With exercise we look to create strength in order to support lasting changes.

During this stage the patient will visit the clinic once every 7-10 days. Treatment consists of acupuncture, and may also incorporate chiropractic care, massage therapy, and/or yoga therapy* in conjunction (on the same day or spaced apart depending on what the condition indicates). This stage may have many small setbacks on the road to change, but once the patient is able to exercise fully with a normal response (24 hours or less of pain) we can move onto the Action stage of the H.E.A.L. process.

*Yoga Therapy with Dr. Robin Armstrong is covered under chiropractic for extended medical benefits.

Action– By this stage the patient has the ability to be more physically active and will have regained full range of motion. The patient recognizes the difference between good vs. bad pain and has the knowledge/tools to deal with it. Good pain lessens over 24 hours; bad pain either doesn’t change or gets progressively worse. During this stage, follow up appointments are once every 3 weeks or so to maintain progression of strength and healthy balance in the body. Once the practitioner determines that balance is properly restored, we move onto the final stage of H.E.A.L. – LIVE.

Live– At this stage, the patient is able to resume a regular, pain-free life. Once balance within the body is established and remains consistent, “tune up” acupuncture treatments can be once every season. Because we are such creatures of habit, flare-ups can sometimes occur. If the pain does flare up, we start back at the beginning of the H.E.A.L. process. The patient will typically move through the process more quickly this time, as the path to balance has already been laid out and the body just needs a reminder in order to correct itself.