Pilates and ELDOA Special


Mix and match any classes and get the 6th class free within a two month period.


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The best way to get results is by addressing your personal needs and then taking action towards change. Our skilled team will personalize your session for your physical needs; whether you need to slow things down, adapt for a limitation, or want targeted athletic training for performance.





Small Group Class

Pilates for Life 

Pilates for Life is a program designed to allow 3 individuals to practice their personalized Pilates workout, each working at their own pace. Acceptance in the program is based on proficiency and confidence with the settings on the equipment. A minimum of 5 individual sessions is recommended before starting this program during which time the workout is designed for your needs.

Cost: $40 + GST



Participants will build their knowledge and understanding of ELDOA over 4 consecutive weekly 1 hr classes. With a maximum of 6 participants there will be lots of hands on, specific guidance by certified ELDOA instructor Marla Waal. Students will gain enough awareness and knowledge to be able to begin a home practice.

Cost: $40 + GST

 Mix and match any class, any instructor of the same price and get the 6th class free. Available on all individual and group sessions within the movement lab.
 Terms and conditions apply and prices are subject to change