ELDOA are very precise postures that target a specific joint region to provide relief from pain and restore balance. Created and perfected over the last 35 years by French Osteopath Guy VOYER, this is a unique and powerful tool. Ideal for competitive athletes, anyone with a desire to improve overall wellness or recovering from injury.

-Relieve back pain

-Improve posture

-Revitalize discs

-Improve joint mobility and overall wellness

ELDOA is a French acronym (Etirements Longitudinaux Decoaptaion Osteo-Articulaire) that when translated into English stands for Longitudinal Stretching with Osteo-Articular Decoaptation. Simply put, the ELDOA class is designed to improve posture and decompress the joints of the spine.

Group ELDOA Classes: Participants will build their knowledge and understanding of ELDOA over 4 consecutive weekly 1 hr classes. With a maximum of 6 participants there will be lots of hands on, specific guidance by certified ELDOA instructor Marla Waal. Students will gain enough awareness and knowledge to be able to begin a home practice.

Private ELDOA sessions:

Book an ELDOA private with Marla to focus on your specific needs and develop a home program targeting areas of concern. Ideal for anyone with acute challenges preventing them from participating in a group, or looking for rapid progress.