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We offer individual and small group sessions in both Pilates and ELDOA.  Individualized sessions are customized to your specific goals and for every level of fitness. Our group classes are limited to 4 for Pilates and 6 for ELDOA. This maintains a very high level of teaching with the benefit of group energy, community and growth. We elevate your treatment plan by collaborating with your Qi practitioner for the ultimate results.


In an individualized session you will learn simple exercises to practice at home as well as incorporating various Pilates apparatus. Our movement lab teachers will incorporate all their skills and modalities plus over 20 years experience to target your specific needs. These sessions will elevate your Qi treatment plan to a new height. We collaborate with your health professionals for top results!


Pilates for Life: Individualized  programs in a group setting. Open to all levels, each person works under the guidance and supervision of a Qi Pilates teacher alongside others. Pre-requisite: Participants must have a basic understanding of Pilates repertoire in both mat and apparatus. A minimum of one individual session is required.  2-4 people

ELDOA: Practice precise postures that target specific joints in your spine, shoulders or hips to provide relief from pain and restore balance. Created and perfected over the last 35 years by French Osteopath Guy VOYER, this is a unique and powerful tool. Ideal for competitive athletes, anyone with a desire to improve overall wellness or recovering from injury. *Secret weapon for NHL, NBA, MLB as well as professional golfers. Maximum 6 people.



Amy Kubanek, Fletcher Pilates Teacher

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Expect to feel fully invigorated by this whole body approach to movement! You will develop balance, and control and a new level of body awareness. Pilates is safe for every body to do. Our equipment is customizable and adaptable to most any injury or physical limitation. Your personalized routine is developed for your needs and is always being tweaked as we go.Amy’s role at Qi is to help folks take charge in their health by becoming more in tune with their bodies. Pilates is proven to be a great tool for creating lasting changes in the body by way of controlled movements. This is in part because of its specificity and unique equipment but also due to the hands-on guidance of your skilled teacher. Amy’s personal approach to teaching is to learn her students habits quickly for the purpose of re-patterning them to more useful movement strategies. Think of her as your holistic personal trainer.Amy comes with an array of disciplines to share, including but not limited to: Pilates, trauma recovery, dance, yoga, therapeutic ball release, authentic movement, continuum, and the Melt Method®. Amy has advanced level training with Pilates master teachers in the full Pilates repertoire, and also training in rehabilitative protocols. She offers over 18 years teaching experience working with a wide variety of conditions using the Pilates method and continues to update her skills and training whenever possible. Amy’s sessions can work to relieve the effects of: core instability, postural imbalance and repetitive strains as well as pre and post-natal, injury recovery, scoliosis, shoulder and neck strain. She has a passion for foot health and is gifted at working with people with whom are hyper mobile or who don’t usually like to exercise

Treatments and modalities used: Rehabilitative Movement, Fletcher Pilates®, Pilates Reformer, Tower, Spine Corrector, Pedipul,Visualization, and the Melt Method®.


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Marla Waal, Pilates and ELDOA teacher

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Marla was a professional dancer for 12 years, performing and teaching around the globe. She studied and performed with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, danced and toured with Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. She is passionate about helping people feel more free and strong in their bodies, and helps people wake up their own body wisdom.
After settling in Vancouver 20 plus years ago, Marla began teaching and studying Yoga. She has delved deeply into a wide variety of styles, from Ashtanga to restorative yoga and meditation.
A desire for a deeper understanding of body mechanics and anatomy brought her to the Franklin Method and then Pilates at the Vancouver Pilates Centre. Marla is a Level 1 Franklin Method Educator, and is certified in Pilates by Dianne Miller. Marla has studied and taught at VPC for the last 7 years.
Continuing to search for more effective ways to help people experience joy in movement and freedom in their body, Marla discovered ELDOA. In 2015 she began training in ELDOA and is now a level 3 teacher in this very powerful and unique method created by French Osteopath Guy VOYER.