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foot 3 Brian LeightonMELT is a method of self-treatment that reduces chronic pain and works to build and maintain a consistent foundation for your overall health. Three ten minute sessions each week will notably reduce the harmful effects of tension and stress. This revolutionary technique is used by tens of thousands of devoted self-practitioners all around the world, and is supported by the most current and credible science.

This method identifies and addresses two sides of an equilibrium that allows for healthy, pain free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These attributes provide your body with the components essential to your body’s architectural support and mind-body communication. Manual Therapist Sue Hitzmann has applied the most notable breakthroughs in neurofascial science to her experience of working hands-on with patients; the result is a method of treatment called MELT.

MELT works to rehydrate connective tissue, and to alleviate the tension and stress that leads to chronic pain. While the benefits of the treatment are complex, the technique itself is easy to learn. You’ll notice an improvement in your overall alignment, flexibility, energy, and mood after only a few sessions. Best of all, the act of building a solid foundation for your ongoing health ensures that your body will feel great long after you MELT!

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Following Maureen’s career in the fitness industry, she became inspired by yoga in the 1990’s.

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Following Maureen’s career in the fitness industry, she became inspired by yoga in the 1990’s. She studied with some of the world’s top teachers, and went on to open her own studio (Delta Yoga Centre In Ladner), later becoming a Registered Senior Teacher with the Yoga Association of BC, and teaching classes and yoga teacher training courses throughout BC. After sustaining a painful repetitive use wrist injury, and undergoing countless sessions with physical therapists over several years, she discovered MELT. In a matter of weeks, her wrists were almost completely healed.

Maureen went on to become extensively trained by Sue Hitzmann, the founder of MELT, and has achieved the highest level of training available, MELT NeuroStrength®.