Personalized Prescriptions

Pharmacogenetics: A safer, more effective, and efficient approach

What does it treat?

Your medical history, current state of health, and lifestyle are all factors that influence which medications may be prescribed for your symptoms or disease. The most important factor, however, is your genes. 99.9% of our DNA is similar – it’s the 0.1% which differs between us that manifests our differences from our hair colour to our body shape, to how we metabolize and respond to various medications.

Pharmacogenomics, derived from the terms ‘pharmacology’ and ‘genetics’, is the study of genetic variations that can influence your individual response to drugs. The Pharmacogenetics Program is designed to take the guesswork out of trying different pharmaceuticals by identifying which prescriptions are right for you and your body.

With approximately 200,000 severe adverse drug events claiming the lives of thousands of Canadians each year, it’s reported that 60% of prescribed medications do not actually benefit the patient. Combining technology with innovative screening tools, pharmacogenomics aims to reduce the number of adverse events by developing effective, safe medications and doses that are tailored to each individual’s genetic makeup.

Using the leading genetic screening and software tools available at Qi, our team of integrated health professionals will determine which prescriptions work best for your body and which pharmaceuticals could cause adverse reactions. By providing safe, effective, and personalized prescribing options, pharmacogenetics can improve patients’ quality of life by enabling doctors to prescribe the right drug and the right dose at the right time.

What will you get?
– Diagnostic testing sent to a genotyping test panel where your personal genetic variations are analyzed for the most common diseases and the medications used to treat them
– Access to your personal, online account with a detailed report of your genotypes as they relate to the metabolism of common pharmaceutical medications
– Safe and effective dosing of selected pharmaceutical medications based on your genotype, DNA, medical history, and biophysical data
– In-depth review of report and results with our team of dedicated health care professionals

What can you expect after the program?

Program participants receive year round, online access to their personal genotype profile. For each disease, participants will obtain a list identifying which pharmaceuticals will be effective and what dose they should begin with. When you have a clear understanding of what medications are best suited to your body, recovery time will be reduced and your safety will increase.

Cost: $1500