I was able to resume my daily fitness workouts and instructional work pain free.

My name is Jesse Tupper and I am writing this letter as a testimonial to the great work that Kiem Schutter and the other health practitioners at Qi Integrated Health do on a daily basis. As a former professional athlete myself, I have had a multitude of injuries in my career and have had some lingering pain and dysfunction issues related to those injuries.

I went to Kiem initially for some acupuncture treatment because I had significant low back and hip pain. I had almost gotten used to the pain, but knew it had to be dealt with before I resumed more serious training myself. Professionally, I seldom ask my athletes to do something I can’t do or at least demonstrate so I need to be strong and ready everyday. He had treated my wife, Sheila, a couple years back and considerably settled the pain and vicious inflammatory cycle she had in her neck and low back. I knew he was the one to help.

I booked in to see Kiem very easily and was refreshed that I got to book with a proper receptionist rather than exchanging voicemails which so often happens with other clinics. Upon arriving at the clinic, Kiem’s lovely office manager, Nora, made me feel like a VIP as I filled out their intake forms, offering me some tea or water. Soon after, Kiem greeted me warmly and then went over my intake forms and carefully listened to my description of the dysfunction and history of my injuries.

He then explained clearly his plan of action and then performed the treatment, targeting the affected areas. I was relieved that the needlework was not as painful as I thought it might be and shortly after I was left to let the treatment settle in. It felt quite relaxing and after a short rest he instructed me not to do anything too strenuous for the rest of the day and get a good nights sleep.

Kiem referred me to get a massage with one of his expert RMTs for a follow up to the acupuncture treatment. The combination of the needlework to break the inflammatory cycle and the massage to lengthen the shortened muscles, worked wonders and I was able to resume my daily fitness workouts and instructional work pain-free within the week.

I know some more serious chronic/acute injuries require acupuncture treatment over 5-10 sessions but I was grateful he and his team were able to help so quickly. I have such confidence in Kiem’s abilities and Qi Integrated Health I have referred him a number of our company’s VIP clients over the last year. Whether it was a tight neck, pulled calf, or spastic back, Kiem and his team were able to get them healthy and pain free again.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kiem and his team at Qi for anyone who has been injured and has chronic or acute pain related to that injury. They offer a number of other health related services besides acupuncture and massage. Please look at their website for further info.

Thank you Kiem! Qi Integrated Health Rocks!

– Jesse Tupper
Co-Owner, Prime strength + conditioning


…really give me an advantage in long (tennis) tournaments.

I am a recreational tennis player all year round and I play in local tournaments during the summer months. Tennis is a great sport, but injuries are also very much a part of the sport.

This summer, I has a slight tear in my Achilles and as a result could not play the entire summer.I was recently told that I had healed, so I started playing tennis again. But then after two sessions, my Achilles was sore again. Kiem has been treating me with regular acupuncture since 2009 for my routine tennis injuries like a sore knee, tight gluts, etc. When he realized that my Achilles had not healed, he decided to try something new. He injected, directly into my calves, homeopathic medicine and vitamins to help the tissues heal. There were six injections in total into the two calves and a couple of acupuncture needles. I assure you, the needles did not hurt.

It was quite amazing because as soon as the treatment was over, the pain was gone. My calves were agile right afterwards and my Achilles were also less sore. A light bulb went on in my head. Tennis tournaments are really a test of endurance because each time you win, you advance to another round. These biopuncture treatments can really give me an advantage in long tournaments.

Kiem, thank-you for introducing that little advantage to compensate for my size.

– Lilly Woo


I literally went from not being able to move my arm, to having full mobility and no pain.

For those of you who have had frozen shoulder you know how uncomfortable it is, and speaking from experience I can tell you that having the use of two limbs is a luxury and getting by with one is a challenge. I had little experience with acupuncture when I went to see Kiem but in a short period of time became a believer in its healing effects.My pain went from very uncomfortable to manageable within 10 hours of treatment. I literally went from not being able to move my arm more than a few inches from my body, with pain in my shoulder and radiating down my arm, to less than 2 weeks later having full mobility back and no pain. Through all my treatments I’ve felt comfortable, well taken care of and safe. I’m still amazed at the difference the first treatment made and it only got better from there.

I’m still amazed at the difference!

– Ann


I experienced a surge of energy that I haven’t known in years.

After doing my first iron infusion I feel nothing short of incredible. After 2, possibly more years of anemia during my pregnancy and postpartum, having the experience of iron in my body feels miraculous.

While blood tests indicated very low ferritin I could not get my levels back up despite nutritional supplementation and dietary modifications over a couple of years. As a doctor, I recognized my symptoms of fatigue, irritability, depressed immunity and insomnia were related to low iron levels but also chocked them up to life stressors, being a working mom and having a baby. I also felt like a bit of an imposter, being a health care professional with less than optimal health. I was shy about asking for help and quite frankly felt I didn’t have the time to commit to all the steps to being a healthier version of myself.

I decided to do an iron infusion as my first step in embracing better health in 2017 and was wowed by the immediacy and intensity of the positive results. Within an hour of the treatment I felt like my batteries had been changed. I experienced a surge of energy that I haven’t known in years. My mood balanced and things, which seemed impossibly irritating before, just weren’t. I felt happy, for no reason aside from being alive. Breathing felt amazing. A cold (my 5th of the winter season) failed to blossom into a full-blown episode and I slept well for the first time in several weeks.

I went to bed thinking this type of high would certainly dissipate and I would wake up feeling low, tired and grumpy as per the norm but I didn’t. I woke up before my baby did full of beans and felt great, again and again and again.

Having this much energy and feeling healthy has made me recognize how being anemic obviously took a toll on my health but also took a huge toll on my quality of life. Being grumpy with my husband, feeling too tired to exercise, too moody connect with friends, constantly suffering from low-grade infections really sucks.

I didn’t know there was such an easy solution. Even for me, a total needle-phobe! Dr. Hyndman and Shirley were incredibly empathetic and effective in terms of setting me up with a treatment plan. Nurse Jennifer was a total pro and even provided me up with the option of being able to detach from the IV if I needed a break. I chilled out in the IV room in a cozy chair and two hours later VOILA I got my life, and myself back!

Anemic? Seriously consider this as an option. It has been a total game changer for me!.

It has been a total game changer!

– Chelsea


…the muscles that were in spasm released and it was the first time Max showed a smile in three days.

My son Max slipped and fell from the top rung of his bunk bed onto his back. Needless to say he was in A LOT of pain and whimpering constantly. I took him into Kiem’s clinic, QI Integrated Health after he was checked over at the Hospital. Brad one of QI’s Massage Therapist’s worked wonders. After a massage with Brad, the muscles that were in spasm released and it was the first time Max showed a smile in three days. We went back again the next day and Max’s mobility improved in his entire body and his pain was gone. Thanks QI integrated Health for effectively managing and alleviating this injury.

SS, Divine Intervention Inc.


Brad’s work is an Inspiration.

Brad is a naturally gifted Therapist/Healer. I have been practicing massage for 11 years, and have experienced many massages & form of Healing Arts. Brad is up there with the best for sure! Brad’s work is an Inspiration.

– Brooke W.


Let’s just say it changed the quality of my life.

Hello Qi,

You gave me an iron injection 2 weeks ago and asked me to let you know how I felt. Lets just say it changed the quality of my life. Although I still dont have my full body energy back, it gave me mental energy, or more mental clarity. I have the energy to do daily tasks and it helped tremendously with anxiety and unfounded fear I was experiencing. My nervous system seems to have improved and my body can relax more. I feel more like myself again. I dont have to be in bed as much. I want to thank you for your gift and making this process so wonderful for me..

– Gabriela


…the massage therapy left me refreshed, energized and well again.

I visited Qi Integrated Health for a massage therapy session and was extremely pleased with my entire experience. As soon as I walked through the doors, I was greeted by your friendly receptionist who offered me hot tea and sat me down in a tranquil sitting area. Shortly after, my massage therapist excorted me into a quiet room, and took his time to ask about any stresses and pains I was experiencing. He quickly noticed my poor posture, identified areas to focus the massage on, and offered exercises I can do to eliminate muscle pain and poor posture in the future. I had been fighting a migraine and nausea the whole day – the massage therapy left me refreshed, energized and well again.

I would recommend Qi Integrated Health to my friends and family.

– Anonymous


…It’s wonderful how everyone works together and delivers great quality services.

Dear Qi Team,

I would like to express my gratitude towards everything you do and the friendly services you provide at Qi. I’ve been seeing Erica for a few years and followed her to Qi. Now I’m seeing a lot of your other practitioners (Bryn, Holly, Marla, Cody), especially after the bike accident this year. It’s wonderful how everyone works together and delivers great quality services. I trust your expert opinions and I find the atmosphere at Qi comforting and calming.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to more healing and joy in the new year.

Kind regards,

– Naomi


Kelsey has been the most effective therapist I’ve ever had…she has an incredible intuitive sense that hard to find.

I was looking for a massage therapist closer to home, so when I noticed that Qi Integrated Health had a massage therapist, Kelsey Armstrong, I decided to try her out. Kelsey was professional and thorough in her assessment, but also warm and personable. She has been the most effective therapist I’ve had in helping my lower back, hamstrings and neck. Kelsey is a gifted healer and in addition to her technical knowledge has an incredible intuitive sense that hard to find. Thank you!

– Kelsey