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Pilates and ELDOA



We offer individual and small group sessions in both Pilates and ELDOA.  Individualized sessions are customized to your specific goals and for every level of fitness. Our group classes are limited to 4 for Pilates and 6 for ELDOA. This maintains a very high level of teaching with the benefit of group energy, community, and growth. We elevate your treatment plan by collaborating with your Qi practitioner for the ultimate results.


In an individualized session, you will learn simple exercises to practice at home as well as incorporating various Pilates apparatus. Our movement lab teachers will incorporate all their skills and modalities plus over 20 years of experience to target your specific needs. These sessions will elevate your Qi treatment plan to a new height. We collaborate with your health professionals for top results!


Pilates for Life: Individualized programs in a group setting. Open to all levels, each person works under the guidance and supervision of a Qi Pilates teacher alongside others. Prerequisite: Participants must have a basic understanding of Pilates repertoire in both mat and apparatus. A minimum of one individual session is required.  2-4 people

ELDOA: Practice precise postures that target specific joints in your spine, shoulders or hips to provide relief from pain and restore balance. Created and perfected over the last 35 years by French Osteopath Guy VOYER, this is a unique and powerful tool. Ideal for competitive athletes, anyone with a desire to improve overall wellness or recovering from injury. *Secret weapon for NHL, NBA, MLB as well as professional golfers. Maximum 6 people.

ELDOA  and Pilates is not currently billable to extended health companies, however, Qi integrated health have developed a package deal and loyalty programs aimed to encourage continuity with your progression to achieving your wellness goals, more information available at 604-742-8383 or info@qiintegratedhealth.com