Eating with Qi

By Meghan Trompetter, Rhn
Healing Chicken Broth


4 lbs organic grass fed chicken or beef necks, back, wings (or combination)

4 quarts of pure water, cold

3 celery ribs, coarsely chopped

2 carrots, coarsely chopped

1 onion, coarsely chopped with skin on

1 head of garlic

1 bouquet garni ( 4 sprigs thyme, 4 sprigs flat or curly parsley, 4 sprigs dill, and 1 bay leaf tied with kitchen string)

2 tablespoons vinegar


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1. After you thoroughly clean the chicken pieces, make sure to cut the neck and wings into several parts (cut the joints of the wings to expose the collagen of the bone).

2. Place chicken pieces and vegetables in a stock pot, cover with pure cold water and vinegar. Let stand for 30 minutes.

3. Bring to a gentle boil, skim scum that rises to the surface and reduce to heat to a gentle simmer. Cover and simmer for 6-24 hours.

4. Remove from heat and immerse the bottom of pot in an ice bath until cool.

5. Remove bones and strain broth with a fine mesh colander into wide-mouth mason jars or glass containers. When cool, the stock should gel.

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recipe from S. Fallon Nourishing Traditions 2001

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