Delaying treatment of pain can increase chances of arthritis.

By Dr. Robin Armstrong, Vancouver Chiropractor

Pain is more than a symptom of osteoarthritis. It causes biochemical changes that may contribute to the destruction of joints, a team of U.S. researchers has found.

The work,done in mice, show that compounds produced when mice process pain signals from injured joints may damage cartilage, the tough elastic material that covers and protects the ends of bones.

Until relatively recently, doctors and researchers believed the breakdown of cartilage that causes osteoarthritis was solely the result of wear and tear and part of the aging process.

Researchers used genetically engineered mice to learn more about the interleukin 1 beta chemical’s role in osteoarthritis. When they turned up the production of the chemical in the jaws of animals with the disease, they found higher levels in the pain processing centre of the spinal chord as well.

When they turned up levels of the chemical in their spines, they detected a corresponding spike in the injured joints. This suggests there is “crosstalk” between the spine and the joint.

When the researchers shut down this signalling pathway with drugs, both the pain and the arthritis went away, perhaps because pain normally triggers the release of other chemicals that cause inflammation. If inflammation had continued unabated, it might have led to further joint damage, researchers speculated.

With the inflammatory process halted “the joint had a chance to heal.”

Early pain treatment could have a beneficial effect and perhaps limit damage in potentially arthritic joints. Chiropractic, accupuncture, massage therapy, and natural remedies can all help you deal with pain and inflammation naturally. You can avoid the long term side effects of pain on the joint, and know that you are using safe, non-invasive treatments to achieve it.

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