Vancouver Wants to Know, What is Osteopathy?

One of the questions I get asked most is: Cody Cummings, what is Osteopathy?

…this is not an easy question to answer. The most recent explanation I like to use is- Osteopathy is the study of the interrelation between structures and functions in the body. We manipulate or mobilize structures to effect function. We also listen to our patients history and reports of how systems are functioning to help determine what structures need normalizing. 

I love that osteopathy really looks at the entire person, every treatment takes into account the entire body, not just the small region causing grief. I personally have never experienced another therapy that is so all encompassing and dynamic. If it’s out there, I haven’t found it yet!

Having recently completed the educational components for the osteopathic program here in Vancouver (offered through the CEO Quebec), this training has left me feeling very passionate about the effectiveness and benefits available through osteopathic care. The only step remaining for me to obtain designation as a DO(MP), Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice, is to complete my thesis. I’m now able to offer an osteopathic approach under the scope of practice of a BC Registered Massage Therapist.

The CEO curriculum provides a solid foundation of osteopathic manual therapy techniques and theory. The CEO is unique within osteopathic schools because of the methodology created by the colleges founder Philippe Druelle DO. This methodology is a way of evaluating the entire person, in an attempt to find the root causes of symptoms and how symptoms are related to other disharmony in the body. The CEO methodology is a very scientific approach strongly rooted in anatomy and physiology, respecting all the rules of science and physics, yet still honouring nature. Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a form of communication with the entire individual, a never ending dialogue of testing, treating, then retesting to determine the effects of treatment and direction of the treatment plan.

If your really curious about osteopathy, the best way to know is to try. I encourage everyone of any age to seek osteopathic care, even those in good health. If your not around Vancouver, seek out an osteopath near you. If your able to be in Kitsilano, I’m here at Qi Integrated Health every Tuesday and Saturday, and would be honored to share osteopathy with you.

Cody Cummings RMT