Cold Laser Therapy in Vancouver

What can it do for you?

Cold laser therapy speeds up the body’s natural healing process. It is a safe and effective treatment for many injuries and conditions. How can a laser help heal damaged tissue? How does it work?

Well you have to go back to grade nine science class and remember that light makes particles called photons. Photons from the laser light penetrate injured cells and result in a cascade of physiological responses that ultimately repair damaged tissue. Cold laser therapy can:

– Increase cellular energy production to support improved cell metabolism
– Enhance the function of the circulatory system
– Regenerate nerves
– Heal tissues, especially collagen, cartilage and bone
– Reduce swelling and bruising
– Release endorphins to reduce pain

Over 3000 research papers have been published on the positive benefits of cold laser therapy. Are you interested in finding out how it can help you? Chat with Dr. Foot or Dr. Berry, who have special training with the Bioflex Laser system.