6 Ways to Self Massage at Home!

We all know that therapies such as Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic can help us recover from injury, decrease stress, improve range of motion and deal with everyday aches and pains. Unfortunately, we cannot always make room in our schedules or wallets to visit our therapists as frequently as we would otherwise prefer.

Supplementing a regular (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) treatment plan with self homecare is an inexpensive and highly effective way of maintaining the gains achieved in treatment. Our portable Qi Lacrosse Balls and Travel Roller are two very easy tools to add into your daily maintenance regimen. The Travel Roller to tackle adhesion in the bigger muscle groups and the Qi Lacrosse Balls to be used in smaller, more specific areas.

Here are some examples of areas on the body that the Qi Lacrosse Balls and Travel Roller can access to immediately improve comfort and function for everyone.

Qi Lacrosse Ball – $10

1. Forearms – All computer workers listen up! The Qi Lacrosse Balls are invaluable for decreasing tension in the flexors and extensors in the forearms. It can help alleviate tennis/golfer’s elbow and carpal tunnel symptoms. Pop it in your purse or backpack and bring the ball to work. Slap it on your desk and roll out your forearms while on the phone or any time you’re feeling stiff!

2. Upper Shoulder Blades – You know that spot where we all get tension at the top inside corner of the shoulder blade? The one where it feels so good to have squeezed? This is the spot you will be going after. Again, very well suited for any office worker and anyone experiencing head-forward posture. Just pin the ball between that spot and the wall, move your shoulder around to get the pressure just right.

3. Arch of the Foot – This is great for women that wear high heels and for runners; as well as sufferers of plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, and tight calves! One of the most simple and most effective techniques with the Qi Lacrosse Ball is to simply put it on the floor, put your foot on the ball and roll from the heel to the ball of the foot and back to loosen up the tissue under the arch.


Travel Roller: $45

1. Upper Back – Relieve tension between your shoulder blades, clean up thoracic rotation and improve the quality of deep breaths. Lay back on the Travel Roller, hold your bum off the floor and roll from the base of your neck to your mid back. Try and relax, breathe evenly while the roller goes to work.

2. Gluts – This is useful for anyone, whether you sit at work or are a professional athlete. Helps to release tension and unlock those hips! Just sit on the roller, it may help to have it at an angle. You’re looking for that soft spot between your sacrum and hip bone. You’ll feel this one for sure. Simply oscillate back and forth once you’ve found the spot that feels right, spend a couple minutes and you’ll be better for it!

3. Hamstrings – For you desk workers! Seated postures can shorten hamstrings over time, especially the lower fibres just above the knee. Roll them out to help lengthen and reduce posterior pull on your pelvis! Brace yourself with your hands on the floor behind you, hamstring on the roller. Roll one leg at a time from the back of the knee up to the sit bone and back again.


Use any or all of these techniques between appointments to keep yourself limber and functioning optimally! Don’t forget that these are just a small sample of the applications of these selfcare tools, come by and find out how we can tailor a Rolling program to your specific work/activity profile!


— Article provided by Brad Watt, RMT