Private Yoga Instruction

Qi offers private yoga instruction!

Originally (thousands of years ago), yoga was taught by giving personalized instruction to one student at a time: assessing each person’s health needs and goals, prescribing a custom practice, monitoring the experience, and modifying to continue to achieve the client’s goals.

Our yoga instructors are all certified RYT-200 teachers with many years of experience treating clients in the wellness industry, with both group and individual instruction.

Are you considering starting yoga? Or have you been practicing for a while and are looking to deepen your practice?

Whatever your situation, our yoga instructors can help you feel comfortable learning yoga postures, breathing, mindfulness meditation, or yogic philosophy in a safe and supportive way.

– Beginners can learn what they need to in order to confidently and competently attend group yoga classes.

– More advanced practitioners can deepen their experience of yoga by learning specific postures while focusing on safe alignment details.

– Students with injuries or health concerns (stress, arthritis, insomnia, obesity, or pregnancy) can benefit from learning which poses exactly benefit their own bodies.

What are some benefits of private yoga?

– Privacy

– Personal, customized attention

– Learning at your own pace

– Having questions answered & ensuring understanding, without disrupting a class

– Determining your goals (such as increased flexibility, balance, strength or rehabilitation) and creating a plan to help you achieve your goals

– Increased mental focus.

– Excellent cross-training for other sports.

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