Workshops and Events this January


January 2019 Movement team Open House: 

The dedicated team in the movement lab will be opening their doors for you! Discover how they can be a resource to help you achieve your health goals for the new year. There will be two free classes to try, 25 min personal sessions will be offered, and a special guest is coming to give a short lecture/class introducing ELDOA. Space is limited to sign up early to secure your spot! 


25 minute mini sessions: Thurs Jan 10, Fri Jan11, Sat Jan 12, with Amy or Marla

Come see what the experienced team in the movement lab can offer to enhance your experience at Qi Integrated Health. Sign up for a mini individual session. Have a movement experience and get your questions answered. Try the pilates reformer, ELDOA and the many other tools that will bring you more strength, ease and vitality. Sign yourself in through ‘Jane’ or call the patient services team.

donation $10, all proceeds going to support Canuck Place.

Serious Fun Class Fri Jan 11th at 5:30-6:30pm with Amy Kubanek

When life feels hard, it can feel hard to have fun. Part of a wholistic healing journey needs to include creativity and opening up oneself to good feelings. This lighthearted movement practice is suitable for all bodies and abilities and will have you moving and thinking differently.

donation $10, all proceeds going to support Canuck Place. Max 10 participants

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Introduction to ELDOA with Paul Sherman Fri Jan 11th 7-8:30pm Hosted By Marla

Paul Sherman is an Osteopath who teaches ELDOA and works mainly with elite athletes. He will be giving a short lecture followed by a mini class, as an in depth introduction to this practice created by Guy Voyer DO over 35 years ago. ELDOA is a French acronym that refers to creating space in all the joints throughout your body, especially the spine.

ELDOA has been adopted by many high level and professional athletes. Once a protected secret weapon for the elite, this powerful practice is gradually becoming accessible to the general population. With dedication, practitioners have been known to avoid back surgeries, improve posture, eliminate back pain, eliminate migraines just to name a few.

donation $20, all proceeds going to support Canuck Place. Max 25 participants

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ELDOA Class Sat Jan 12th at 11-12 pm with Marla Waal

Open to all levels, this class is for anyone interested in maintaining an active lifestyle  a and a healthy spine. Marla will lead you through the ELDOA postures for the apex of your spinal curves and teach you the ‘general ELDOA’ to pump the CSF (cerebral spinal fluid). Space is limited, so sign up early to secure yours!

donation $10, all proceeds going to support Canuck Place. Max 10 participants

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January Workshops


BREATH FOR LIFE  Breathing for better sleep, less pain and more energy.

Saturday Jan 19th 1-3pm with Marla Waal

Breath is often referred to as ‘the master key to self healing’. In this workshop you will learn how your breath could become your most powerful tool to restore balance in many, or possibly, all aspects of your life. Breathing is something we do 24/7, awake and asleep. Learn how to harness your own breath to have a positive, lasting impact on your health.

$65 Max 12 participants

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HEALTHY PELVIC FLOOR women only workshop.

Saturday Jan 26th 1-3pm with Marla Waal

Understanding this important diaphragm, how it is connected to your breath and your structural alignment could be life changing. Discover what you can do to restore health and vitality to all your organs through the pelvic floor. The bottom of the basket!

$65 Max 12 participants

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LIBERATE YOUR NECK & SHOULDERS through ELDOA, gentle strengthening and breath.

Sunday Jan 27th 1-3pm with Marla Waal

Cell phones and computers play a huge part in our daily lives. It’s more important than ever to learn how to bring ease and balance to our neck and shoulders. We will identify alignment and stress patterns that perpetuate chronic discomfort. ELDOA postures for the neck and shoulder will be taught in detail. $65 Max 10 participants

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SELF CARE ESSENTIALS through soft ball massage and soft roller

Wednesday Jan 23 630-8pm with Amy Kubanek

If you ever wake up with a kink in your neck and would like a way to decrease the strain before you go to work, this workshop is for you. Using soft tools, we will focus on quick and effective tension release in targeted areas of your body. $55 Max 12 participants

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LOVE YOUR FEET to help you feel more grounded, balanced, and buoyant.

Wednesday Jan 30th 6:30-8pm with Amy Kubanek

When you address how your feet are designed to function you will feel the difference in your whole body. Learn how to use simple self massage tools and strengthening exercises that you will be able to do at home. $55 Max 12 participants

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