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Pilates Training at Qi Integrated Health Vancouver


How does Qi Pilates work?

Learning Pilates is learning how to move well. Instead of isolating only one muscle group at a time, Each exercise recruits the entire body, enabling you to feel the connections between all the muscle groups in the body and how one part of your body affects another. The highly adaptable equipment adjusts for your body to offer spring resistance for your joints and strengthen it in its’ full range of motion.

Pilates Services

Pilates For Life

This program offers a cost-effective alternative to Private Pilates Therapy. During group sessions your personalized program is closely supervised, modified and advanced by your teacher as you progress.

Benefits of Pilates for Life
-join anytime
-pick your time/day
-choose your commitment level
-start with 5*60 min private session and progress to intimate groups
-hands on personalized attention
-use specialized Pilates equipment
-less than half the cost of private Pilates therapy
-your workout is adapted to fit your needs as you change
-your body will feel strong, coordinated and invigorated

Individual Pilates Therapy.

The ultimate way to get the most out of your Pilates experience. Each program is unique and evolves as you evolve. Exercises can be modified on the spot for your needs.

 Pilates and Movement Department


Amy Kubanek, Fletcher Pilates Teacher

Amy Kubanek, Fletcher Pilates TeacherBook an appointment with Amy

Amy’s role at Qi is to help people feel more in tune with their bodies. She has noticed that when people come to her feeling pain or distress, often they have become disconnected from the many sensations in their body. And those who aren’t in pain may have movement patterns that are either inefficient, or could cause irritation in the future. Interestingly, Pilates was originally called “Contrology”, the art of controlling every muscle in your body. Pilates is proven to be a great tool for making lasting changes in the body and gaining more control because of its specificity and specialized equipment. Amy’s personal approach is slow and full of curiosity. Rather than dictating what exercises you should do, she joyfully investigates what kind of movement feels right for each person.

Amy comes with an array of disciplines to share, including: Pilates, nervous system healing, dance, yoga, therapeutic ball release, and the Melt Method®. Amy has advanced level training in the full Fletcher Pilates® repertoire, as also training in rehabilitative protocols. She offers over 15 years experience working with a wide variety of conditions using the Pilates method. Amy’s sessions can work to relieve the effects of: core instability, postural imbalance and repetitive strains.

Treatments and modalities used: Rehabilitative Movement, Fletcher Pilates®, Pilates Reformer, Tower, Spine Corrector, Visualization, Pedipul, and the Melt Method®. Fletcher Pilates® is internationally recognized for its innovative tools as well as for its artistry.

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Marla Waal, Pilates and Yoga teacher

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Marla was a professional dancer for 12 years, performing and teaching around the globe. She studied and performed with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, danced and toured with Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. She is passionate about helping people feel more free and strong in their bodies, and helps people wake up their own body wisdom.
After settling in Vancouver 20 plus years ago, Marla began teaching and studying Yoga. She has delved deeply into a wide variety of styles, from Ashtanga to restorative yoga and meditation.
A desire for a deeper understanding of body mechanics and anatomy brought her to the Franklin Method and then Pilates at the Vancouver Pilates Centre. Marla is a Level 1 Franklin Method Educator, and is certified in Pilates by Dianne Miller. Marla has studied and taught at VPC for the last 7 years.
Continuing to search for more effective ways to help people experience joy in movement and freedom in their body, Marla discovered ELDOA. In 2015 she began training in ELDOA and is now a level 2 teacher in this very powerful and unique method created by French Osteopath Guy VOYER.


Mark Dennis, Pilates Instructors

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Mark has travelled the world dancing with companies such as the National Ballet of Canada, Alberta Ballet, Ballet Kelowna, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Northern Ballet(UK) and the West Australian Ballet and Le Ballet l’Opéra National du Rhin. Initially, Mark was exposed to Pilates while training at Canada’s National Ballet School. Throughout his career, Mark has constantly relied on Pilates for both cross-training and rehabilitation. Whether it was an ankle sprain or something more severe like a tibial stress- fracture, Pilates has allowed him to return to dance efficiently and effectively; often coming back stronger and more anatomically aware than before. Pilates enabled him to make many new discoveries and break-throughs within his own body. Mark’s travels have exposed him to different movement-therapy specialists as well as Pilates methods including, Stott Pilates, Fletcher Pilates, Polestar Pilates, Eric Franklin and Irene Dowd.
Mark completed his Pilates Certification through The PilatesProcess method created by Laura Helsel. Mark’s teaching experience ranges from professional dancers to chronic pain clients in NeuMovement Kelowna’s Physio Stream Pilates Program, The Movement Studio and Envision Physiotherapy. Mark is passionate about the power Pilates has to heal, balance and transform the body.

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