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Proud to be voted #3 in Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver 2015 for Best Pilates Studio!

Practicing Pilates will bring you a new feeling of zest and vigour. Qi Pilates is an effective way to create change in your body. Combining Pilates with your massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments will ensure even faster and more profound change. At Qi Integrated Health, our practitioners work directly with your Pilates teacher to ensure you get attention to your body where you need it most.

How does Qi Pilates work?

Learning Pilates is learning how to move well. Instead of isolating only one muscle group at a time, Each exercise recruits the entire body, enabling you to feel the connections between all the muscle groups in the body and how one part of your body affects another. The highly adaptable equipment adjusts for your body to offer spring resistance for your joints and strengthen it in its’ full range of motion.

Pilates Services

Pilates For Life

This program offers a cost-effective alternative to Private Pilates Therapy. During group sessions your personalized program is closely supervised, modified and advanced by your teacher as you progress.

Benefits of Pilates for Life
-join anytime
-pick your time/day
-choose your commitment level
-start with 5*60 min private session and progress to intimate groups
-hands on personalized attention
-use specialized Pilates equipment
-less than half the cost of private Pilates therapy
-your workout is adapted to fit your needs as you change
-your body will feel strong, coordinated and invigorated

The Pilates for Life circuits are held from 5:15-7:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and at 11AM on Fridays.

Private Pilates Therapy.

The ultimate way to get the most out of your Pilates experience. Each program is unique and evolves as you evolve. Exercises can be modified on the spot for your needs.

Home Programs

Learn exercises for your unique body that can be practiced at home. Your easy to follow, printable program, will help you to feel vital everyday.


All of our workshops are designed to give you a solid foundation in self-care. We cover release techniques, stretch and strengthening for targeted areas of your body. Come to Qi or book us offsite for a group of deserving people.

Pilates at Qi Integrated Health Vancouver


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Amy has transformed her childhood joy of movement and love for all things dance to a serious study of bodies in motion.

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Amy has transformed her childhood joy of movement and love for all things dance to a serious study of bodies in motion. Over a period of 20 years she has traveled North America to train with Master Teachers in various movement studies including: Pilates, Yoga, Therapeutic Ball Release, Continuum, Contemporary Dance, Authentic Movement and Improvisation. Now that Amy has unlocked the keys of body mastery, she is eager to share the simple tools to thrive with others.

Amy devoted three years of study in Tucson, AZ to become a certified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher. Fletcher Pilates® is a style that is internationally recognized for its unique tools for strengthening the body as well as its artistry. She’s been teaching it now for over 10 years. She most recently certified in the Melt Method® Hands and Foot treatments with Sue Hitzmann in NYC which allows her to share tools for complete body wellness and pain-free living.