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Here is our list of IV Vitamin Therapies available at our Vancouver clinic. Of course, if you are looking for something specialized, our NDs are more than happy to work with you to create the exact formula for your needs.

IV Myers’ Classic formula

This is what started it all (Dr Myers ‘invented’ the nutritional IV) . It includes moderate doses of Vitamin C, B vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals. If you are not sure where to start – this is the best. This is what most other formulas are built off of.

IV Athlete

For pre-game or event, also great for recovery from race day. Anti oxidant rich bag that replaces nutrients lost and helps maintain muscle and cardiovascular health.

IV Immunity

Before you come down with the dreaded cold or flu – nip it in the bud with the immune tonic. Potent nutrients needed to fight off the cold. Anti-viral boosts can be added.

IV Healer

If you are under the knife you will need help to rebuild healthy tissues – pre or post surgery. Factors for stimulating tissue growth, create healthy tissue and possibly reduce scarring.

IV Eye opener

After a night, or a couple nights, of indulgence this is your best bet. Hang over cure to get you back to your regular life. Full of electrolytes and all the vitamins you lost (or peed out) the day prior.

IV Stress less

When you need relief from the stressors in your life. Helps calm the nervous system and builds your stamina. Nutrients specific to nervous and adrenal health.

IV Calm mind

Great to reduce anxiety and fast! Tone down and nourish your nervous system.

IV Energy boost

When you are dragging your feet to get through your day and you need a boost. Nutrients that increase mitochondrial function to increase energy at the cellular level.

IV Mega Super C

High dose vitamin C to support whatever life throws at you. Necessary after toxic environmental exposures such as travel to high pollution countries, long term infection, dental work…

IV Healthy Longevity

All the ingredients to age gracefully. Chock full of antioxidants and amino acids to improve skin, hair and overall health.

IV Custom

When you are not sure what you need but you need it.

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