Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy or NMT is highly effective in people with chronic pain and stress, as well as those struggling with poor posture, tight muscles and nerve entrapment.
All muscular activity depends on the nervous system and the signals it sends.
Neuromuscular therapy engages the relationship between the nervous and muscular systems to create change.
It is a fast, vigorous, deep technique that also enhances circulation and lymphatic drainage.
NMT helps restore tight muscles to a healthy, normal resting muscle length, it improves how well muscles function, it deactivates trigger points and helps break up adhesions in muscle tissue.
NMT focuses on releasing the whole belly of a muscle with contains muscle spindles. Muscle Spindles are responsible for the length and stretch in a muscle. NMT also focuses on muscle tendons which contain golgi tendon organs. Golgi tendon organs are responsible for muscle tension.
After a successful treatment with NMT, patients report less pain, less muscle tension and more movement.

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