What To Expect from Qi’s Medical Program

As a patient at Qi, you now have the ability to choose what type of care you receive from your doctor. Would you like to schedule an appointment this week? Today? Would you like more one on one time with your doctor? Would you like to discuss more than one problem per visit?

Now you can.

Family & Executive medicine at Qi is all about you – and your optimal health care – delivered in the way that works best for you. Does your schedule or physical condition require phone consultation or in house / office visits?

No problem.

Are you looking for an integrated head to toe annual exam that details every relevant and known health marker including a report from a physiotherapist, massage therapist, naturopath, and more?

We can help.

For our patients, our team of health care professionals performs a thorough personal history and physical exam along with specific, laboratory-based assessments to establish your health profile. From there, treatment options are prescribed in accordance with your goals, values and preferences, and may include nutritional supplementation plans, diet and lifestyle counselling, and hormone balancing programs.

For information on rates and packages click here or contact [email protected] 604-742-8383.

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