Molecular You

The Ultimate in Preventative Screening

What does it treat?

Are you looking to be proactive about the future of your health? Do you have underlying health concerns related to your family history? The Genomic Screening Program at Qi is the perfect opportunity to receive a full outlook on the current and future state of your health.

Designed to help you understand your unique genetic expressions, genomic screening is one of the most advanced forms of preventative and diagnostic medicine. Through uncovering your individual genetic expressions, our team will identify which diseases you may be trending towards and provide you with a complete picture of your whole body health.

While DNA is found in our genes, specific environmental and lifestyle factors also play a large role in heightening the effects of those genes. Utilizing the latest in genomic technology, we can test the current state of your health and measure the effects of your lifestyle, medications and supplements.

What will you get?

– Advanced genomic testing of your 4 ‘omics
– Complete diagnosis and a comprehensive follow up appointment to review your results
– Both short and long term preventative plans
– A comprehensive, customized Lifestyle Design program for optimal health, with a focus on Qi’s Five Pillars of Health
– A team of experienced health care professionals dedicated to work on your case
– Information and advice on any additional testing required or referral to specialists

What can you expect after the program?

Following the program, you will receive a complete picture of your health outlook across all major disease categories. Following the program, you’ll know definitively what actions to take to ensure you live a long and healthy life.

Cost: $3,500