Healthy Heart Program

Uncover the State of Your Heart Health

What does it treat?

Did you know that approximately 50% of heart attacks and strokes occur in patients with normal cholesterol levels? Traditionally, the risk of developing heart disease has been assessed by measuring the “bad” cholesterol in our bodies. However, the underlying culprit behind unexpected heart attacks and strokes is actually inflammation.

Inflammation creates nicks in your arteries where cholesterol deposits, creating dangerous situations which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. It’s important to know the health of your heart, which is exactly what our team digs into when you join Qi’s Healthy Heart Program.

Our team will work with you to perform a complete risk assessment based on your medical history, biophysical measurements, and comprehensive testing of risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

What will you get?

– Advanced heart lab testing and complete review of results
– Complete diagnosis and follow up
– Four in-depth medical visits to dig deep and look beyond symptoms
– A comprehensive, customized Lifestyle Design program for optimal health, with a focus on Qi’s Five Pillars of Health
– A team of experienced health care professionals dedicated to work on your case
– Educational resources including tools, apps, recipes, and care information designed based on your specific symptoms and personal health goals

What can you expect after the program?

Following the program, you will receive a complete overview on the health of your heart, along with a detailed plan tailored to your personal health needs. To ensure you stay on track and reach your goal of excellent heart health, participants also receive one-on-one coaching, follow ups, and continued support.

Cost: $1,895 – Premium
$2,245 – Platinum