Advanced Testing – A La Carte

Nutrition ONE

Optimal Nutritional Evaluation. Tests for overall nutrition status, and assesses the need for vitamins and minerals. Provides recommendations for supplements. Consists of a metabolic analysis to evaluate gastrointestinal function, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and need for vitamins and minerals. Also consists of an amino acid analysis to evaluate digestions and nutritional deficits, as well as an oxidative stress analysis to evaluate body’s anti-oxidant reserves. – starting at $1250

Nutrition ION – Advanced

Individual Optimal Nutrition. A nutritional assessment that provides insight into a patients nutrient status. Measures more than 100 biomarkers that provide insight to support conditions ranging from obesity and weight issues to immune system disorders. Measures levels of organic acids, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, toxins, oxidation products, and antioxidants. – starting at $1750

Triad Profile – Brain, Gut, & Nutrition – Multi-System Test

Assesses a wide variety of factors including vitamin and mineral sufficiency, essential amino acids, intestinal hyperpermeability, neurotransmitter metabolism, and food sensitivities. Combines a food antibodies profile, an amino acids profile, and a comprehensive profile to reveal nutritional basis of symptoms such as anxiety fatigue and immune responses. – starting at $1200

Heart Health Profile

Combines conventional and innovative markers to evaluate patients risk of cardiovascular disease. Comprehensive evaluation that include markers of nutrition, oxidative damage, inflammation, and hormonal balances. Offers personalized options for treatment based on each individual risk profile. Blood test. Included in each report is a summary that helps identify the strongest abnormalities, as well as recommendations for supplement therapy – starting at $750

Gut Health – Advanced

Provides best technology available to fully assess gut health. For patients that may have gastrointestinal dysfunction as a root cause of health issues. Comprehensive stool diagnostics that provide tools for gaining insight into next steps, as well as a profile of four key areas of gut health to support therapeutic interventions – starting at $750.

Gut Health – Digestion and Absorption

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis. An advanced evaluation of gastrointestinal imbalances. Evaluates over 20 markers to help d etermine how well food is being digested and absorbed, whether inflammation is consisted with IBS, or if an infection is present. Provides a complete picture of digestive health, helping to pinpoint the root cause of patient gastrointestinal complaints – starting at $700.

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