The Perfect Nutrition Program – Balance Your Body

What does it commonly treat?

D4280029Do you find yourself bombarded by differing health tips and messages, and aren’t sure which one is best suited for you? Curious about which supplements will benefit your body the most? With Qi’s Perfect Nutrition Program, we’ll work together to discover the best version of you.

We are all unique, and so are our health needs. Our DNA, lifestyle, and medications that we’ve taken during our lifetime all determine our individual need for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. At Qi, our team takes into consideration multiple factors including age, sun exposure, stage of life, chronic diseases, diet, exercise, and most importantly your concerns and symptoms (in addition to advanced testing) to determine which supplements will work the best for you.

D4280029Through this program, our team will work to uncover any nutritional deficiencies in your vitamin, antioxidant, and mineral levels. This gives us a window into your digestive tract health, helping our team of dedicated practitioners to create your pathway to success through targeted care.

Working closely with our medical team’s expertise, we eliminate the guesswork based on your unique personal medical history and health goals. Our team will tailor your program to balance your body through optimized vitamins, minerals, and amino acid levels.

What does this program include?

– Advanced testing on all vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, and amino acid levels
– Complete diagnosis and follow up
– Four in-depth medical visits to dig deep and look beyond your symptoms
– A comprehensive, customized Lifestyle Design program for optimal health with a focus on Qi’s Five Pillars of Health
– A team of experienced health care professionals dedicated to your needs
– Educational resources including tools, apps, recipes, and care information designed based on your specific symptoms and personal health goals

What can you expect after the program?

Program participants receive tailored supplement or IV treatment aimed at boosting energy levels and helping you to become the best version of you. Through customized supplementation, continued lifestyle changes, and advanced testing results participants will be able to walk away with a roadmap to perfectly balanced nutrition.

$2050 – Premium
$2350 – Platinum

For more information reach out to Qi’s health concierge, Shirley Lo, by calling 604 742 8383 or emailing [email protected]

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