Custom Foot Orthotics

When we walk, the foot naturally rolls from inward (pronation) to outward (supination). When one of these foot motions is exaggerated problems can occur in the feet or further up the chain of the body into the knees, hips, back and even up to the neck.

An orthotic is an insert that is put into your shoe, which corrects abnormal movement patterns of the feet. A foam cast of your foot is made, with specific designs made for your problem so that each orthotic is custom fit for each person. Sports injuries, foot pain, toe pain, foot fatigue and more can be helped by custom foot orthotics.

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Dr. Berry is currently on maternity leave and will be returning in mid March. Dr. Foot is covering her maternity leave.

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Dr. Berry came to practicing chiropractic medicine after over a decade of teaching yoga and working as a professional sea-kayak guide. Her profound curiosity about human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics compelled her to become a doctor. Dr. Berry graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, in Toronto, ON, with clinical honors. Chelsea approached her education with the intent to translate information about disease, injury, health and wellness to her patients in a way that is accessible and empowering. Every new patient session begins with a discussion of the problem and goals followed by a detailed assessment. Chelsea specializes in the assessment and treatment of conditions involving joints, muscles, and the nervous system tissue of the spine. This includes all neuromuscular disorders ranging from a lumbar disc herniation to a simple ankle sprain. She typically uses a combination of soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, spinal manipulation, exercise prescription, postural advice and improved ergonomics.

Dr. Berry wants to help to educate you about your body and to assist you in moving towards your personal definition of optimal health. Her aim is to enable clients to return to their desired activities and hobbies as quickly as possible.

Chelsea has been profoundly impacted through her experiences with yoga and meditation and always has a good book recommendation for those seeking to augment hands on care. With her free time Chelsea enjoys adventure travel, rock climbing, bicycle commuting and sea kayaking.