CuppingCupping is a method of creating suction over the skin using glass, plastic or bamboo cups. It is a very versatile tool often used to increase the circulation of qi and blood not only though the superficial layers of the skin but also through the various tissues bellow, including fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments and even within joints and organs. The suction created by the various cupping techniques can cause circular bruise marks, these typically heal within several days.

Cupping is quite popular for treating musculoskeletal pain, called Bi syndrome, and does so successfully. However, cupping can address many other imbalances. For example cupping can be used in the first stages of a cold or flu, to firm the skin around areas with stretch marks and loose skin from weight loss, to move old stagnant phlegm from the lungs which is particularly useful in chronic lung conditions, cupping can also be used for digestive and gynecological disorders, headaches and dizziness, lymphatic blockages, as well as insomnia. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

The function of the cups change depending on where, how, and for how long they are placed. Cup size, type, suction strength but also technique such as; sliding cupping, flash cupping, herbal cupping and so on contribute to the versatility of this wonderful tool.


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