Prolotherapy Is Now Offered At Qi Integrated Health

Prolotherapy involves non-surgical ligament and cartilage reconstruction for damaged joints and chronic pain.

You may be a candidate for prolotherapy if you have chronic back pain or joint pain due to an accident, sports injury, or wear and tear (osteoarthritis).

Any clicking, popping, or aching of a joint may be an indication for prolotherapy.  If you feel your joint is unstable, or if it ‘catches’, ‘locks’, or ‘gives out’, you may also benefit from this treatment.   

Prolotherapy involves an injection of a solution of dextrose, lidocaine and saline into the joint and its surrounding ligaments and tendons.  Prolotherapy has been shown to rebuild cartilage and connective tissue, stabilize a weakened or damaged joint, and reduce pain.

The effects of prolotherapy are permanent, and once the joint is treated successfully, it will not require future treatments unless it is re-injured.  Usually 3-6 treatments are required; however some patients may need fewer or more treatments, depending on their response to the therapy and the nature of their injury. 

Your first visit will include a comprehensive history taking, orthopedic and physical assessment, and treatment with prolotherapy if indicated.  If prolotherapy is not indicated for you, you will not be charged for the initial consult, and you may be referred to another lovely practitioner at Qi Integrated Health.

Find out more from Dr. Niloo Chitsaz here, and book your appointment today to start your road to recovery.