Private Medicine at Qi

Qi has added Dr. Bryn Hyndman of Vancouver Functional Medicine to the Qi team in order to provide our patients access to private medical services. As a patient, you choose your appointment length and follow-up schedule in concert with Dr. Hyndman’s recommendations. She is also available for phone consultations. Typically, initial appointments are a full hour to allow for sufficient consultation and examination time. Before and after your appointment you are invited to use Qi’s amenities, including the relaxation room.

Dr. Hyndman will perform a thorough personal history and physical exam along with specific laboratory-based assessments to establish your health profile. From there, treatment options are prescribed in accordance with your goals, values and preferences, and may include nutritional supplementation plans, diet and lifestyle counselling, and hormone balancing programs.

Dr Hyndman offers a variety of innovative services not currently available under the public healthcare system.

Specialized lab testing based on your DNA, to pinpoint your disease risks and which medications will work best for you

Specialised laboratory testing for hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal symptoms, food allergies, recurrent infections, mood and energy dysregulation

Dietary supplementation: vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, fatty acids, and others such as glucosamine or Co Q 10

Complete health data that tells you about the state of your body and overall health

For more information contact our front desk at 604 742 8383 or [email protected]