Healing the Way Forward

In this fast- paced world, it can feel as though there are more demands on our time that ever before.  Juggling career, family, and home responsibilities and the day-to-day challenges that go along with them, seems to take all of our energy, leaving none for ourselves.  However, if we empty our own reserves, we are less able to take care of ourselves let alone others in our lives.


There are times in life when we need a helping hand – someone or something to help us get back up and continue forward. Natural Spiritual Healing is a highly effective way of helping to restore balance on all levels and give our overall energy system a boost.  Individuals suffering from disease or illness benefit from healing as it strengthens the immune system and helps speed recovery as the body’s own healing mechanisms are enhanced.  Those struggling with stress find that they feel more settled within and are more balanced emotionally.  


At other times, it may help to talk to a professionally trained counselor to help us better understand ourselves and explore issues at a greater depth.  We often have a sense of what to do or where the problem lies; it is learning to access our own inner wisdom that will assist us in moving forward to live the life we want.


Life does not have to be a struggle – we can reach out for help when needed and learn tools that will help us lead a more balanced and happier life.


Antony Fentiman

Qi Integrated Health