Myofascial Release Vancouver

FASCIA: The Connective Tissue
By: Sean Lymworth, RMT

Fascia holds your body together and gives it strength. Your tendons, scar tissue, and ligaments are fascia. Fascia envelopes your muscles and organs. Almost every part of your body has fascia weaving through it. Muscles initiate movement marvelously but the tensile strength of fascia is the key to your true power. Tension is essential to your body’s strength — the key is balance.

When our bodies are out of balance our fascia adapts and compensates. If not addressed, these compensations become problematic in time. Fascia’s fluid nature reflects the incredible adaptive power of our bodies. Rich in nerve endings, your fascia communicates profusely with your nervous system.


When your nervous system is calm and feels safe, manual fascial therapy can encourage the release of dysfunctional patterns in your body. This is why communication with your massage therapist is so important — if you’re in pain, tensing up, guarding, or not breathing easily… chances are your nervous system is not happy nor calm enough to allow deep transformation.

Fascia responds beautifully to mindful breath and visualization because they both access your nervous system directly.

Try this next time you’re stretching or getting a massage:
1 – Close your eyes
2 – Breathe deeply
3 – Allow each breath to focus your consciousness into areas of your body that feel tense
4 – With each exhale, visualize those areas melting and unwinding