Aging wisdom says: It’s wise to walk

Get Active – Older people can prevent heart flutters with light exerciseA recent study in Circulation Journal found that adults over the age of 65 can prevent atrial fibrillation – an irregular heart rythm- by light exercise.Researchers followed 5,400 adults over 12 years, who entered the study without arrythmia in their heart. Those participants who reported walking at least 60 blocks per week were 45% less likely to be diagnosed with an irregular heart beat compared to those who walked less that 5 blocks per week.Pace also played a role. People who walked at 3-5 kilometere per hour had a lower risk that those who walked more slowly. Interestingly, high intensity exercise didn’t lower the risk of atrial fibrillation.The researchers concluded that walking at least 12 blocks per week at a modest pace (3km/hour) would prevent a quarter of all cases of atrial bibrillation.More incentive for you or the people you love to get active and stay active. If you are considering starting a new exercise program, or feel held back by your current aches or injuries, our chiropractor may be able to help you get back to being active.Happy Walking,Dr. Armstrong, Kiem, Kelly, Peter, Francessca, Dr. Adatya, and Kelsey